Review of the Zendure 20100mah ZDA6PD Power Bank

Like many travelers I do have a need to store energy for a few devices I travel with (mostly a laptop, camera, flashlight and phone). As I was shopping around as well as asking a few of my tech-geek friends, I did have a few requirements: be airline travel friendly and be able to charge a Mac Book.img_20191230_204429

I shopped around on Amazon for a while comparing brands, specs and prices. I discovered that most power banks don’t have the wattage to charge a mac book. After not finding much to fit all of my criteria, I put in a search for 45w power bank. I quickly found the Zendure 45w 20100 mAh ZDA6PD – which has the ability to charge a Mac Book. The other brand that was actually at a better price point ($44.99 vs $60.99) was RAVpower 20100 mAh 45w.  I have yet to test this model from RAVpower, but may in the near future to do some comparisons.img_20191229_153509-1

I bought the Zendure 45w 20100 mAh power bank about 7 months ago in May 2019. So far it has been a very good travel companion, being able to charge a few devices at once via USB-C, USB (2.4A) and USB Micro (2.4A). The Power Bank fully recharges in about 4 hours. An interesting feature that I have now used a few times is something called Pass-Through-Charging.  You can charge the power bank and charge a device at the same time.

Several Safety Protections are also built in: short circuit, power surge, over heating and over charging. These are pretty standard in most power banks these days.

This power bank is also airport friendly, as it is under the 100 amp hour requirement. Go to  for more info on FAA travel regulations.

Here is another interesting article from Zendure’s website:


Capacity 20,100mAh / 74.3 Wh
Internal Cells 3.7 V Premium Lithium-Ion Cells
Dimensions 3.1″ x 0.9″ x 6.4″
Weight 13.1 oz
Color Silver
Material ABS/PC Composite
Maximum Input PD USB-C – 45W
Micro USB – 5V/2.4A (12W)
Maximum Output PD USB-C – 5-20V, 45W Max
USB – 18W Max
Operating Temperature 32°F to 113°F / 0°C to 45°C (Charging),
-4°F to 149°F / -20°C to 65°C (Discharging)
Warranty Protected against defects for Two Years from date of purchase from an authorized retailer.

I do hope this was an informative review that at least gives people more to think about when shopping for a Power Bank.

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