Thanksgiving in Austin Texas

The flight from SLC Utah to Austin Texas is only a few hours as a direct flight. It went smoothly and as expected, the holiday week was cloudy and rainy. The rain is strangely soothing as I seem to have pretty bad allergies with every visit to Austin. As it turns out, I’m not the … Continue reading Thanksgiving in Austin Texas

Casner Glacier Collapsing

As I’ve come back home to Utah, I often talk about the adventures from living in Alaska for nearly a year. One early adventure was hiking to Castner Glacier, which was my first glacier adventure in Alaska. Casner Glacier collapsed back in July. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go get some footage of what it … Continue reading Casner Glacier Collapsing

Alaska Aviation Museum Anchorage, Alaska

Camping Out in Valdez Alaska

This random adventure started out as a last minute trip since my hiking buddy was busy. I grabbed lunch at Aurora Mediterranean, ran to a few stores looking for a DC air pump (for my sleeping pad), and grabbed some groceries for the trip. I was en route soon after. The decision was pretty easy … Continue reading Camping Out in Valdez Alaska


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About Me

Hi, I’m Rob and am always on the hunt for a good adventure. I have been living here on Oahu for the past three years and have explored the islands. More adventures are soon to come as the blog grows. Life is an adventure.

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