A Credit Card with an Advantage

As I do enjoy traveling and exploring, I also enjoy trying to see how I can maximize a credit card. There are SO many credit cards on the market (to put it lightly). Some are designed to give travel miles, others cash back, while others may also have an introductory incentive of 0% interest for 12 or so months.  The current cards I have is a mix of all the above but I recently discovered that by utilizing a card with 12 month 0% interest, you can play the game of credit quite a bit more efficiently.

I recently applied for the Chase Freedom Visa Card, which really is nice because of its introductory incentive of 12 months 0% interest. I have made everyday purchases on the card as well as a few high dollar purchases. Always set an autopay when setting up your account.  This will protect you from any late payments.

If you are interested in this card, here is my referral link.


Happy and Safe Travels – when we finally can.

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