Lani Lookout – a short hike

I planned on getting some footage around the Lani Lookout which is off Kalaniana’ole Highway. The route is fantastically scenic. When I visited this area, parking was very limited. The small parking lot was closed, so only a few spots are available on the shoulder further down the road.

Getting closer to the ocean is a short, fairly steep hike down – not real tough. People come down here to enjoy the views as well as to fish. Be mindful of getting too close to the edge.

Some behind the scenes GoPro Hero8 action.

2 thoughts on “Lani Lookout – a short hike

  1. Looks great! And very slippery!

    1. Yes it was pretty slippery but wasn’t bad at all though. It actually rained the night before and earlier that morning.

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