A sunset at Sunset Beach – day trip

Yesterday was a pretty random drive around the island day, as I am always looking for an interesting adventure. I had lunch at Da Spot (on south king street), a local favorite of mine. The coconut butter fish plate is a good choice.

I then drove over to Honolulu Coffee Experience Center – had a nice cappuccino with honey. As a future video, I asked if they were still doing coffee roasting tours: yes they are. I will be registering with them here soon. A video will be on the way.

I then headed over to the Kailua area, a nice drive – didn’t hit much rain until I started heading up the H3 highway.

Traffic wasn’t bad heading to the North Shore and saw La’ie Point State Wayside on google maps. The views are great as usual. Parking is limited as it is in a residential area. I will upload a video of this area here shortly. Here are a few pictures of what this interesting landscape looks like.

I was then headed over to a group of food trucks in Kahuku. Ate at a small Thai place called Fasay Thai Wagon – they are cash only. Most of the food trucks were closed by around 630pm -business is certainly slow these days but hopefully it will pick back up in the coming months.

After dinner I drove back to Sunset Beach to film the sunset. Such a relaxing, beautiful place.

A nice sunset at Sunset Beach.
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