Timpanogos Hike

Timpanogos Hike is certainly one of the more popular hikes in the northern part of Utah. I went with a good friend who had done the hike many times.

We started the hike around 1AM, was 15 miles round trip and was a total of around 9hours (including rest stops and watching the sun rise). We reached an elevation gain of 4,196ft. It was pretty wild to feel the very different temperatures: pretty warm in lower elevations, working up a good sweat to being pretty cold at the top of the mountain. Bring a beanie and a jacket for sure. I should have brought gloves and tissues too, as my hands were getting pretty cold and my nose was running pretty bad.

This was my first time doing this hike and was pretty highly anticipated. This hike certainly won’t disappoint! The shear beauty through out the hike will be something not quickly forgotten.

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