Multiple Stream of Income Journey

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So here is my Multiple Stream of Income Journey, as it is an ongoing process. The story started quite a few years ago as I was trying to figure out how to at least get started. I bought my first home back in 2008 – it was a great time to buy as the housing market took a massive dive. I was able to save up for a small down payment and was house-poor for a good several years. The process was scary and exciting all at the same time. This was a real first step in securing some future wealth. Shortly before I purchased the home, I did land a good contractor position that started a long term career in aviation. This was an interesting start to several great adventures years to come.

Just over 4 years ago I started to really look into gaining a second source of income. I started to listen to several Podcasts: My First Million, Bigger Pockets Real estate, Bigger Pockets Money to name a few. The hunger was growing which also lead to trying to meet new people. I even started to go to local Meet Ups in order to meet just about anyone. This proved to be pretty interesting as I did find others who were also looking for other/multiple streams of income.

I’ve been using an app called Coinbase for a good several months now and recently switched over to Coinbase Pro. Both apps are free as even the Pro doesn’t have any subscription fees. I think the Coinbase app (non Pro) is easier to use vs the Pro but the transaction fees are higher. The fee structure for Coinbase Pro can be found here. When you first get the app, it’s pretty straight forward with the verification process and then connecting a bank account to fund the wallet. Once this is complete, you can start buying and selling crypto.


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