Thanksgiving in Prescott Arizona

This year I’ll be driving down to Prescott Arizona to have Thanksgiving with my folks. It’ll be a fun drive down and a good time.

The drive down to Prescott started at 6am and for the most part pretty uneventful. Traffic was pretty mild going through SLC. I couldn’t get a camera out in time to get pics of a lady putting on makeup while heading south on I-15.

I did stop several times to get drinks, snacks and to stretch. A 10 hour drive does get pretty tiresome.

I did look up on Google reviews for a highly rated coffee shop in St George. This lead me to Feellove Coffee. Service was great, coffee was good and the cowboy toast wasn’t bad at all.

Heading further south I got into Las Vegas, but being pretty early in the morning, traffic wasn’t bad at all. I stopped to get fuel in north Las Vegas and realized that the requirement of having a mask on in this area was pretty strict.

Driving over the Hoover Dam is always awesome. I’ve driven over the dam many times (even years before the new highway) and never stopped by for a tour. I didn’t know there was a hotel at the dam for quite some time. I’d like to stay at this place some day.

The drive from the Hoover dam to Prescott Arizona is only about 3.5 hours. Part of this route does run into the old Route 66 highway. Quite a bit of the small towns on this route are like stepping back into time. So cool! Learn more about Route 66 here.

I finally arrived at Prescott at around 530pm. Visiting my parents is always a fun time. In the following days we explored downtown by foot, ate at a few restaurants, and tried some new beer & cider. The new beer (to me anyway) was a Pumpkin Porter by Four Peaks Brewing Co. It was certainly different: a porter that tasted like pumpkin pie. The cider was pretty good as well: Blueberry Spaceship Box Cider. You can purchase it at Costco but is a local Prescott company.

The hike we did yesterday was a trail near Goldwater lake. It’s certainly a beautiful area! The hike around the area that my parents frequent is about 4miles.

I also certainly do recommend giving All Trails App a try if you don’t already use it. I have been using it for quite a few years but really used it extensively when I lived on Oahu just over a year ago.

On the final day here in Arizona, we spent the day exploring the old mining town of Jerome. We did visit this place the last time I was in town but this time around we tried to explore as much as we could.

We arrived into Jerome at 945am, drove to the historical museum to take in the great view. The museum opened up at 11am so we headed back where all the restaurants and shops are located. Parked and started walking the streets.

More updates to come in the next few days.

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