Restaurant Recommendations for Fairbanks Alaska

Now that I have been here in Fairbanks Alaska since late January of this year, I have tried a lot of eateries in the local area. A few stand out and have been frequently visited. Here is a short but sweet list of excellent places to get consistently good meals. Noodle House, Aurora Mediterranean and The Crepery are my top choices.

Noodle House – located on 731 2nd Ave in Fairbanks is a simple, Thai eatery. They actually make homemade noodles. These noodles are made everyday and are absolutely fantastic. I have eaten here at least 10 times now and recently tried the House Noodle dish. I think it’s also worth mentioning: the owner is super friendly. Here is more info on Facebook and TripAdvisor. Google Maps. Also check them out on restaurantji

Aurora Mediterranean – located on 1452 S Cushman Fairbanks is a no-frills restaurant featuring great Mediterranean dishes. At one point I was eating here once a week. My consistent go-to dish is the Kofta Kabab (grilled seasoned ground beef and lamb). Absolutely wonderful. Here is their website. Google Maps

The Crepery – located at 523 2nd Ave Fairbanks is another popular eatery destination. It is centrally located downtown and features a good variety of sweet as well as savory Crepes. The interior has a cool french cafe theme, a good amount of seating and has outdoor seating during the short summer months. The coffee is excellent and several adult beverages are also readily available. The restaurant also has a helpful and friendly staff – great customer service is a priority. Here is their website. Google Maps

Soba – located at 535 2nd Ave #106 in Fairbanks. Soba is a Moldavian restaurant that I found through Google maps and a recommendation from a coworker. The reviews are highly rated and it’s easy to see why with a great combination of cozy atmosphere, friendly service and wonderful dishes. My two favorites: mici and bautata. One is a lamb sausage dish and the other is a chicken schnitzel dish. Here is their website. Google Maps

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