Timpooneke Trailhead

A buddy and I did some quick planning and hiked Timpooneke Trailhead early morning on July 28th. The strategy was similar to the first time I did this hike: get to the trailhead by 1am in order to beat the heat.

The trailhead was pretty familiar but the parking lot wasn’t quite as full as the first time around. As we started to get to the waterfall, things definitely wasn’t so familiar: it was flowing very well. The first time around this area was pretty dry, so the hike up the rocky trail wasn’t real sketchy (slippery). Since Utah did get record high snow fall, it did make this section more technical. I did try to get some pictures to prove how wet this area was. We were rained on more as we neared the waterfall. Relaxing at the waterfall was interesting: wet, slick surfaces, an awesome waterfall soundtrack, and darkness minus a hiker that went from one side of the trail to the other. The picture above was the best I was able to take with a flashlight.

After hanging out for a short time, we ended up taking a right vs a left. Heading right went on a loop back to the trail head.

Once back at the trail head, we went on a trail that was opposite to the summit. The elevation wasn’t anything like getting to the summit but was still a good hike.

Here are several pictures as the sun was coming up. The hike became even more beautiful.

Even though the hike didn’t go quite as planned, it was a great reminder of how beautiful Utah truly is.

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