Louwman Museum

From a quick Google Search for car museums in the Netherlands, the Louwman Museum ranked pretty high in positive reviews. Reviews don’t always paint an accurate picture but it seemed good enough to give it a try.

Louwman Museum

The drive from where I am staying was about 2.5 hours. I was up for the small road trip as I do enjoy driving through this beautiful country.

The drive down was fairly foggy as the sun was coming up. The drive was pretty pleasant with minimal traffic but traffic did start growing as I did get closer to Amsterdam.

Foggy morning drive down to Rotterdam.

I arrived at the museum as they were opening and was greeted by the receptionist: friendly and informative. First impression: a well established and funded museum. Side note: as I was parking in the parking garage (which does cost 8 Euro) you are greeted with a glimpse of what the music will be like. An absolutely gorgeous Mazda Cosmo on display. The excitement was high already after seeing this.

Mazda Cosmo at Louwman Museum.

The museum grounds are absolutely fantastic in a wonderfully grand building. The main corridor is an incredible introduction to the rest of the vast museum.

Main corridor
Toyota 2000GT
Toyota 2000GT

The cafe is definitely a great place to grab coffee and a quick meal. The decor was fantastic but was excellent with the aircraft in the room.

Cafe at the Louwman Museum
Cafe at the Lowen Museum

Here is a highlight of my favorites throughout the museum.


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  1. Such an eye for taking brilliant pictures. No words needed to tell the story. However, your writing is amazing because you feel a part, almost like your experiencing it as well.

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