A Car Break-in Story

So while capturing time lapse footage in Ala Moana Park in the last week, my car was broken into while it was parked at Ala Moana Mall. According to the police (as well as mall patrol), break-in’s have been happening more frequent lately. The only thing the thief stole was a pair of sunglasses.

Lessons learned: don’t leave any valuables in the car. Check your insurance policy – as mine didn’t cover this incident (I had liability only coverage). Have some savings for a rainy day such as this one.

As I was told by the police, cars are being broken into for coins – you can only do so much in preventing a break-in. I think the best defense would be to park in a busy, well trafficked area and have good insurance.

Stay safe people.

So what is currently happening now with this situation? A day after the indecent, I called a few auto glass shops. They told me that the passenger side window comes only from the VW dealer. So I call the dealer and ordered the glass: $210, and will take a week to arrive. While that’s on order I decided to rent a car and wanted to drive an interesting car. I turned to Turo and found a 2018 Fiat 124 Spider – as it is based on an ND Miata. After driving it for several days now, I certainly will be putting a review of this car soon. It’s a great time and is a fantastic island touring car.

Updates certainly are coming soon. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “A Car Break-in Story

  1. Sorry to hear this happened, Rob! It’s frustrating bc you need to deal with the aftermath to get it fixed. But yes, your reminders are great to reinforce. We do have control over the way we can prevent this from happening to us. Which is the best we can do. Stay safe during the hurricane!

    1. Absolutely Su – things do happen and you certainly do try to do your best to prevent a situation like this. But…. as this happened, I am having a good time with the Turo rental car. I’ll be updating this post and make a review of this car here soon. 🙂 Stay safe during this hurricane.

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