Hurricane Douglas: a new experience

As I have now lived here on Oahu for three years, I have never experienced a hurricane. I have had a few threading storms but they either ended up being greatly weakened by the time they arrived to Oahu or I was on vacation. In August 2018 Hurricane Hector was a category 3, Hurricane Lane was a category 5 mostly effecting the island of Hawai’i. In September 2018 hurricane Norman and hurricane Olivia were both mild tropical storms. In July 2019 Oahu did get some showers on the windward side by hurricane Barbara. In August 2019 hurricane Erick effected the Big Island as a tropical storm. Hurricane Douglas is on track to be in pretty strong state later on Sunday.

The experience so far has been pretty interesting to see how quickly the weather is changing: rain, sunshine, a blanket of clouds, a rainbow, to slight wind. The time lapse footage has been pretty awesome. I have grouped the time lapse footage together starting from late Saturday July 25th. As of 3:35pm the hurricane is a category 1.

As it turned out, the Hurricane was really mild. Here is the rest of the time lapse footage.

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  1. Awesome time-lapse videos, well done

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