Loveland Living Planet Aquarium Tour

As moving back home has been extremely busy, it has been a good challenge to catch up with friends. It’s amazing how busy I get with just wanting to get many projects done: working on two cars, house projects, learning a new job and starting a business on the side. I’m trying to get to a point where things slow down a bit in the next several months. This recent trip to the Living Planet Aquarium was one such small adventure catching up with two good friends.

A few changes can be seen at the Aquarium but mostly has stayed the same as I remember it a few years back. Purchasing tickets has changed as it is all done online and with limited availability/time slots. We were easily able to get in with a very short wait time.

The crowds were defiantly reduced, especially when it was a Saturday. To be honest, it was a nice change.

I’ll be releasing these short videos in several parts. I will update this page during the next few weeks as I finish the videos. Enjoy.

UPDATE: Part 2 is live.

Here is Part 3 of the Tour.

Over all I think this aquarium is a fantastic display for a great experience.

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