Tour of the PV-2 Harpoon Attu Warrior

As life has been pretty busy, I am finally getting around to writing about my tour of the Attu Warrior now a few months ago. I have seen this old bomber for several years as I have done a few photo events at the Heber CAF years ago. Sadly it has been deteriorating over the years from the weather and does need a good home.

The tour started with a walk around, a nice re-introduction. The current condition of the plane was quickly apparent as it was repainted quite a few years ago but is in need of another repaint. The covers were removed from the top turret and canopy. We entered the bomber to find a close quartered interior. I can only image what this must have been like to fly in as I sit in the pilot’s seat.

I will update this post as I either obtain new info, pictures or when I put a Tour video together. 🙂

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