An Update June 2 2021

As it’s been about a year since I had moved back home from Hawaii to Utah, life has been pretty non-stop. As I knew before leaving the islands, life would be extremely busy with a few large projects in the works. A quick update: new job, house hacking project, condo sale, continuing to grow my Chiropractor & Massage Office, getting my RX7 car project moving, looking to purchase a commercial building and further exploring the world of Crypto Currency.

The house hacking project has been in the works for a few years as the concept has always fascinated me. I certainly can thank Bigger Pockets for that introduction – as I listened to them speak of it’s advantages. The house I ended up purchasing back in January 2020 was an old, well maintained farm house here in Clearfield. The project was going smoothly up until a few months ago when I had a flood in the basement. As bad as a situation like this is, good things certainly came from it never the less.

The Bigger Pockets House Hack in action.

I ended up selling my first home (a condo) a few months ago, which honestly was a good decision. My property manager was taking care of the place which was a smooth operation for a good few years. The decision to sell occurred with the last interaction with the HOA. In my option if parking violations are to be issued, the violator should be informed. The HOA felt that the violator shouldn’t be informed at all but just the home owner via email. Friendly tip: inform all parties when a problem occurs.

A friend and I opened New Dynamics Health, a Chiropractor & Massage office near SLC airport in January 2021. It has been an interesting project in working with our Chiropractor Doctor, two Massage therapists, designer and insurance companies. We finally ironed out a few issues with insurance companies and our database system. We now have been more focused on advertisement as it has been a challenge to get on the map.

So life has been a wild adventure and 2021 has proven to follow that trend. Follow for more updates.

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