Birch Hill White Bear Loop Hike- Fairbanks Alaska

The 6 mile loop is a moderately difficult hike that took about 2 hours and 45 minutes. It was a bit more difficult with a soggy ground and wet snow (still fun). The views of all the trees were awesome.

The trail head was a slight challenge to find. It is behind the main cross country building. Unfortunately I didn’t see any clear signs or markings, so it was some trial & error.

I couldn’t get over all the tall white birch trees.

As wild life is a part of Alaska, my buddy and I did see a moose. We did startle the moose but it ended up trotting away and across the hiking path. In the video, you can barely (if at all) see it unfortunately.

A note on footwear: for hikes like this (especially this time of year), a waterproof hiking boot is king. My boots did get submerged in water / slush mud & snow several times. I picked up a pair at the local REI before heading out to the hike.

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