Large Animal Research Station – Fairbanks Alaska

The Large Animal Research Station (LARS) here in Fairbanks is a fascinating look at a few animals but the true reason for a tour here: see a few Muskox. They have been around since the Ice Age and are more closely related to the sheep and goat. They are very well adapted to Arctic temperatures and have a soft under-wool known as qiviut (pronounced “kiv-ee-ute”). Qiviut is shed annually and is harvested to make a very soft yarn. If you are interested in purchasing the yarn, here is the link from LARS. You could also purchase yarn or a few items made from qiviut in the gift store/office.

Our tour guide was very friendly and knowledgeable on the animals and history of LARS. The mosquitos were pretty bad at the time of the visit – defiantly bring bug spray.


Reindeer is the other animal that can be found here. At the time I last visited, they all had massive velvet antlers. A herd of about 42 live here right now. They were pretty curious and seemed to be pretty friendly.

A quick tour of LARS in Fairbanks Alaska.
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