Pioneer Park: a walk through local history

Pioneer Park is on 44 acres and has entertainment for the whole family. The park was opened in 1967 and features a number of historical buildings. It also has local shops, several summer events, an aviation museum and a small train museum. They also have a carousel, a small disc golf course, and several small restaurants. The park is also open during the winter and has a tree lighting ceremony on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Pioneer Air Museum

This museums purpose is to preserve the aviation heritage of Interior Alaska. This is the only aviation museum in the area (that I know of) and it is fantastic. An organization was created to ensure this history won’t be lost: The Interior and Arctic Alaska Aeronautical Foundation.

Train Museum

The small train museum has a pretty limited display of pictures, artifacts and train model displays but the main attraction can be seen clearly in the workshop. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable and more than happy to take you around Engine #1. This steam locomotive was the first steam locomotive in the Yukon Territory and in the Interior of Alaska. The Tanana Valley railroad website has updated info on this train and contact info to see if it is running giving rides. Rides are being given this summer as the train was down for maintenance last year. I have a quick walk around video of this train in the video below but will put together a better video once I can ride on it. The challenge with trying to get a ride is dependent on not having any wild fires burning in the area. If a fire is burning, then it is way to dry (very prone to starting a fire) to be able to ride the train.

Pioneer Park Tour
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