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So far the Alaska adventure has been interesting but not adventurous enough. I started to make a list of things I wanted to do and this reindeer tour was absolutely on the list. After talking with a coworker about this tour, the tickets were bought. Also, the $100 entry fee was completely worth it.

We actually arrived a few minutes late (we were having breakfast at the Crapery). A staff member from the tour called us to check on us. A first for me – they do care about their clients. Right off the bat you’ll realize how awesomely friendly the owner and staff are.

Once your ticket purchase is done, you’ll receive an email that includes a few good informative videos to watch. They are worth the time learning about raindeer and dressing for the cold weather. The tour is entirely done outdoors, so keep that in mind.

The tour starts with a warm welcome from the owner Jane on what to expect when the small herd of reindeer walks over. You also get an introduction from the staff and a short intro from all the clients on the tour. People from all over were here.

The tour in its entirety was a great education of what reindeer are like. Walking with the small herd on a short trail on the property was awesome. The tour does stop half way on the trail to take lots of pictures. Take full advantage.

At the end of the tour you’ll have cookies and hot chocolate with the reindeer. Once again a great photo opportunity. This has been a unique tour and will certainly be a memorable moment. Check these guys out!

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