Northern Lights at Murphy’s Dome

After watching Explore Fairbanks for a good night to see the Northern Lights, March 4th was listed as being an excellent night. The night absolutely didn’t disappoint.

The drive up to Murphy’s Dome was an easy one from Fairbanks (about 30 miles). Since it was about 945pm when we left, few cars were on the road until we started getting closer to Murphy’s Dome. Quite a few people were already waiting for the Northern Lights sightings.

On a clear night you can start to see the green color from the Northern Lights pretty early since city light pollution isn’t a real issue here. It’s exciting to see it earlier in the evening (around 10pm – 1230am) but it’s thrilling to see it when it’s fully active around 1-4am.

The activity I saw around 130-2am was fantastic. I will certainly try to catch these sights as many times as I can while being here in Fairbanks.

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